Camp With Mom Apk Download v1.3.7 [Latest] Free for Android

Camp With Mom Apk Download v1.3.7 [Latest] Free for Android

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Overview Information

Name Camp With Mom Apk
Package com.NTRMAN.CampWithMom
Publisher Ntrman Patreon
Category Simulation
Version v1.3.7
Size 368 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
Updated On
Download the Latest Version of Camp With Mom Apk on Android Mobile Phones to Unlock Unlimited Fun With this Adult Oriented Sim Game.

5/5 - (14 votes)

Adult-orientated games in a simulation genre are getting popular among gamers. Hence, I am reviewing one such Android mobile game named Camp With Mom Apk in today’s article. It offers an erotic gameplay while featuring three anime characters a young boy, his mother, and his friend, who goes on a camping trip.

  1. Camp With Mom Apk Overview
  2. The Gameplay and Storyline
  3. Storyline
  4. The Plot
  5. Characters
  6. Kyouko
  7. Souma
  8. Kengo
  9. Key Features of the Game
  10. Vivid and Quality Graphics
  11. Realistic Sound Effects
  12. Immersive and Captivating Gameplay
  13. Enjoy Doing Various Tasks
  14. Challenging Missions and Puzzles
  15. Smooth Game Controls
  16. Easy and Mobile Friendly Interface
  17. Supports Three Languages
  18. Play the Game with No Ads
  19. Free to Download and Play
  20. How to Download and Install Camp With Mom Apk?
  21. Frequently Asked Questions
  22. How many characters are there in the Game?
  23. Is it free to download and play Camp With Mom Apk?
  24. How many languages the game supports?
  25. Can I play the game offline?
  26. Conclusion

Camp With Mom Apk Overview

Camp With Mom Apk is a famous game that features exciting gameplay with a theme similar to Another Girl in The Wall and Hole House. It comes with an engaging storyline that moves around three main characters. The game follows a boy who along with his mom and a friend goes on a camping trip. They do various activities, such as fishing, hiking, and a few more.

Since they go to a jungle for camping purposes, they encounter various types of puzzles, mysteries, and other hurdles. During their journey, they do multiple tasks for their survival like collecting food, firewood, building a camp, and keeping wild animals away from their camp. However, these tasks compel all three characters to make collective efforts.

Players can have complete control over the gameplay and they are supposed to determine the story. Since it features interactive gameplay, you can interact with the characters and make decisions that will surely determine the next stage or tasks. Doraemon X is also a sim game that gives complete control over the game.

During the camping, the protagonist’s mom and his friend build an intimate relationship. Hence, the game allows players to relish some intimate scenes. However, it is completely an erotic story between the mom and her son’s friend, and they strengthen the emotional connection between each other during the trip.

The Gameplay and Storyline

Camp With Mom Apk is the most famous adult-themed sim game for Android mobile gadgets. It brings you a unique and erotic storyline that only features three characters. The gameplay is based on multiple chapters that players can unlock by completing various given tasks in the game. Further, its gameplay is story-driven and based on multiple chapters.


The protagonist of the game along with his mother and best friend plan a trip to the forest. Since they have got their winter holidays, they plan this trip. Once they reach the forest on their camping trip, they build their camp and tents, collect food, and do other tasks that are essential to survive in the jungle.

The Plot

Players are supposed to take on the control of the protagonist who is in the forest, along with his mother and friend. However, players can have full control over the game since they can determine the story by making their own decisions. During the gameplay, you can interact with other characters and make decisions.


There are three main characters in the game. Below are their details.


Kyouko is the mother of the main character in the game.


Souma is the name of the main leading character who is the son of Kyouko.


Kengo is a best friend of Souma who helps and gives company to his friend in the jungle.

Note: If you go with the default gameplay, there are only three characters including Kyouko, Souma, and Kengo. But eventually, players can have the option to add more characters including Fater, Sister, and others.

Key Features of the Game

Check out the main features of the game right here below.

Vivid and Quality Graphics

Since the game features a graphical adventure game, it has perfectly designed visuals and executes the artwork that really inspires the players. With its eye-catching graphics and animations, this game gives really immersive and realistic gaming environment for its players.

Realistic Sound Effects

Another good and captivating attribute of the game is that it features naturalistic sound effects. Voice effects include the voices usually coming from the jungle, people interactions, showing human emotions, and so on. Every aspect of the game gives a naturalistic experience to the players.

Immersive and Captivating Gameplay

Camp With Mom App features immersive and engaging gameplay for the players. Its attractive characters and interactive gameplay completely engage players in the game. Further, players can have the opportunity to do intimate scenes with attractive female anime characters.

Enjoy Doing Various Tasks

This game takes players through various tasks and common household activities, such as preparing food, collecting firewood, and more. Along with that, they can go for hiking, fishing, etc.

Challenging Missions and Puzzles

During their trip in the jungle, characters will face multiple mini-missions as well as mini-puzzles. Thus, they have to complete these missions and solve puzzles to unlock the next chapters in the game.

Smooth Game Controls

It doesn’t bother its players with messy and non-functional controls. Players can have smooth and seamless game-controlling options.

Easy and Mobile Friendly Interface

This game was initially launched for different platforms like PC and PlayStation. Now it is available for Android and iOS mobile phones and comes with easy navigation with a mobile-friendly interface.

Supports Three Languages

Camp With Mom Game is available in three languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese. However, players can switch the language from the main menu.

Play the Game with No Ads

It is not going to bother or irritate you with excessive ads. There are no ads at all.

Free to Download and Play

This game is entirely free and even there are no hidden charges.

How to Download and Install Camp With Mom Apk?

Follow the below steps.

  • Tap on the Download button given on this page.
  • Then wait for a while.
  • Open the main Android setting.
  • Go to the Security Settings.
  • Locate and Enable the option of Unknown Sources.
  • Open the File Manager App.
  • Open the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the Apk.
  • Select the Install.
  • Open the game.
  • Grant all the permissions.
  • And Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters are there in the Game?

There are three main characters in the game. However, players can add more by completing the beginning chapters. New characters will include Sister, Father, and more.

Is it free to download and play Camp With Mom Apk?

Yes, it is completely free to download and play.

How many languages the game supports?

It supports 3 languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Can I play the game offline?

Yes, it is an offline game and you can play with an internet connection.


Camp With Mom Apk features a nice and captivating storyline. It is a famous simulation game for Android phones that immerses players in an adult-themed storyline, which revolves around a young boy, his mother, and his best friend. Players can take control of the boy who is the main lead in the story, and the gameplay also features some intimate parts. Download it from the below link to experience the game.

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5/5 - (14 votes)
5/5 (14 votes)

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