Best Free Apps for Android Mobile Phones to Try in 2022 – 2023

Best Free Apps for Android Mobile Phones to Try in 2022 – 2023

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Smartphones are primarily made for communication with tons of other features. There are specific programs or apps for each and every task that you want to perform on Android. For each task/feature, there are hundreds of thousands of applications that you can find on different app stores and google’s official play store.

  1. The Best Free Apps for Android Mobile Phones to Try
  2. Chrome Browser
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Play store and other platforms provide apps for entertainment, information, education, fitness, and many more. So, the list is quite huge and not possible to mention each one of them. But these applications are not less than a blessing for people to perform various tasks in daily life.

However, each and every app requires you to meet the age requirement they have listed in their policy. Because there are certain apps that might not be suitable for the kids. I am sure you will find this article helpful as I share valuable and informative reviews on this website Apkinat for you.

The Best Free Apps for Android Mobile Phones to Try

Do you install apps randomly without checking whether they are safe or not? If so, then you are making a huge mistake that is not only an alarming situation for your online privacy but also for your phone’s performance. So, I suggest you to do your research before installing any random app.

There are surely hundreds of apps for Android mobile phones that are useful and safe. But it is hard to find which one is better and ensures your security. So, for that, you can check out the features, permissions that it asks for, and a few other points.

Moreover, it depends on the purpose of the app. It is designed for any unethical activity, then you must not use it. Because such applications are not safe. If they are essential, then you must use VPNs and Parallel Space apps. However, you can keep specific phones for that purpose.

But here in this article, I am going to introduce you to some of the best free apps for Android mobile phones. These are not only safe but also you can use them for different kinds of routine tasks on your phone. These include internet surfing, entertainment, information and so on.

Chrome Browser

Chrome Logo

I am sure that most of you are well informed about the Chrome Browser. It is an app that allows you to perform various kinds of online tasks including internet surfing, using social media, streaming videos, and many more.

It allows you to access all kinds of social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. It further allows you to stream videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, and many more. The best part of the app is that it is free and safe.

Because this application officially belongs to Google, therefore, there is no any doubt on its security. So, you can install or use the app and browse whatever you want. But again, safety depends on the usage that how and for what purposes you are using this application.


Facebook Logo

Facebook is one of the most famous and leading social media apps. It is not just a social media app where you can make friends and have fun. But there are much more you can do by using Facebook. It is one of the best apps to find out the latest trends, news, education, and many more.

This app is offering you an opportunity to establish your own pages and groups to promote your talents. It further allows you to promote your businesses and reach maximum number of audiences to generate huge profits. So, it is one more free app that is quite essential for you to keep on your Android.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio Logo.

Smartphones comes up with high quality cameras. So, you can capture photos and videos to preserve your moments for a long time. But to glorify your moments you can bring different kinds of changes by using editor tools or apps on your phone.

So, here is one such app called PicsArt Photo Studio that is absolutely free and there are no charges at all. You can have different kinds of photo templates, filters, stickers, emojis, photo frames, and many other tools. These all options can be helpful for you to make your photos more attractive.


Evernote Logo

Evernote is an amazing tool or an app that you can use to manage or organize different kinds of events, projects or anything else. Basically, it is a notebook that you use to note different kinds of tasks. So, it helps you to make different kinds of notes.

That include texts, videos, docs, PDFs, and many other kinds of files. It is a free and safe tool that you can use to organize different kinds of projects on your Android phone. It is not only available for Android, but also for many other devices.

So, you can access your account from PC, iOS, and many other devices. You just need to create an account on the app by using your Gmail, and then save all the data that you want to store and keep it for a long time.


It was a short blog on The Best Free Apps for Android Mobile Phones. If you are interested to try them out, then you can easily find them in the Play Store or even on the third-party app stores from where you can install and enjoy their services.

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