Top Trending Offline Android Games 2022 – 2023

Top Trending Offline Android Games 2022 – 2023

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There are multiple categories of games but mainly they are categorized into two major groups including online and offline. So, there are further subcategories and you can find thousands of games in every category. However, offline games are quite easy to play and enjoy.

  1. Best and Trending Offline Android Games
  2. Dude Theft Wars
  3. Mission Berlin
  4. Pako 3
  5. Police Sim 2022
  6. Dead Cells
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Because if you are out of the city or in a place where you do not have access to an internet connection, then you can keep yourself busy with offline gaming applications. There are many other lists of apps that I have compiled for you on our site So, you can check out those lists as well.

Nevertheless, there are a few gaming apps worth trying. I have done some thorough research and find some amazing games for you. I am sure you will find them interesting and entertaining as well. So, here I am going to share a list of top 5 trending and best offline Android games in a current year.

Offline games are those that you can play without the internet connection. However, to download them and data, you need data connection. But you can play them offline on your smartphone or other gaming consoles. So, there are different kinds of cross-platform games.

But in this article, I am going to let you know about the games that are designed for the Android devices. Further, some of them are cross-platform gaming applications. So, you can easily try and enjoy them on your mobile phones in your leisure time.

Though there are so many people out there who love to play online games. There are multiple factors for which people love these kinds of gaming applications. Firstly, they are offering us a platform where we mostly play them with real people and they are kind of interactive games.

Secondly these kinds of apps are offering us high-end and realistic graphics. However, there are many more reasons which is why people love to play online gaming platforms. But offline platforms are more reliable, convenient, and safe to play. Moreover, these are also entertaining.

There are hundreds of thousands of such games that you can play offline without using data connection. Further, people prefer such gaming apps because they are either free or cheap. Moreover, you can access them anywhere anytime so, you just need a mobile phone or a gaming device.

So, here I am going to share the list of those amazing offline games that are in trending and people love to play them. I am sure you will also find them entertaining once you will play them on your phone. Let’s check out the following gaming platforms.

Dude Theft Wars

Dude Theft Wars is an amazing FPS gaming app that is offering you multiple mini games to play. It is not only offering you a single game mode rather there are multiples of them. It quite similar to the GTA where you have buildings, roads, people, beaches, and so on.

Dude Theft Wars Logo

In short this is an open world game where you can move around and do whatever you want to. That allows you to enjoy more and do different kinds of things to entertain yourself. You can steal money and vehicles from the people.

Mission Berlin

Mission Berlin is game based on Action category. It is also an open world gaming app where there are two main characters that you are supposed to play. The idea or a theme of the game taken from a movie UNCLE.

Mission Berlin Logo

There are 3 main stages where there further different levels in each stage. So, you are supposed to complete all these levels. Some of them are difficult but quite entertaining. So, it is one more free and offline game that you can play on your Android.

Pako 3

Pako 3 Logo

If you are a huge fan of racing games, then you are surely going to like Pako 3. It is about car chasing and providing you realistic cars. You can unlock them and enjoy racing. Moreover, it is offering you ultra-realistic graphics that makes the gameplay more entertaining.

Police Sim 2022

There are so many people who love playing simulation games. So, Police Sim 2022 is one such game that is offering you a simulation gameplay. You are supposed to be a police Simulator and patrol different places including streets, beaches, and many other public places.

Logo of Police Sim 2022

So, you are supposed to main law and order. That will help you to learn more about the laws and how to main law and order in any area.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an amazing cross platform game that based on a story of a failed Alchemic. However, this is not a real story but you are supposed to do different kinds of experiments and explore sprawling. It offers you 30FPS and 60 FPS settings.

Logo of Dead Cells

This is really an amazing game that you can play offline. However, you are supposed to buy this game from the Play Store. Because it is not a free game. It is not only available for the Android but also for Nintendo, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS and many more.


So, these are some of the best picks for you. I hope you will install and give them a try on your Android. Moreover, some of these offline games are available for other platforms as well. Further, some of them are free and some are paid.

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